Friday, 9 December 2011

Peccavi: Editorial Collaboration between Sian Hoffman + Paulina Sury's + Irene Manicone

Ashleigh (standing) wears Wanda Panty Corset and Bra, Chain lead, Amelie (slave) wears Leather head harness, Chain collar and leather wrist cuffs- All by Sian Hoffman

Paola wears Slave Girdle by Sian Hoffman

Amelie (foreground) wears Grey & Chantilly longline girdle and Frame bra, Ashleigh wears black corset- All by Sian Hoffman

Ashleigh wears Flesh Vintage lace Skeleton Panty Corset

Corsets both by Sian Hoffman

Amelie wears Leather Structured Waspie by Sian Hoffman

Amelie wears Gold Corset by Sian Hoffman

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