Saturday, 10 December 2011

Wednesday 14th December 2011 6.30-8.30pm
Sponsored by NEISSON RHUM

Andrew Ibi will host an exclusive ‘Exhibition’ Shopping Event and Christmas party at his contemporary design destination, The Convenience Store. Known for its thoroughly leftfield approach to contemporary fashion, Ibi continues to push the boundaries of retail and the shopping experience.

The Perverse Art of Craft celebrates a growing trend toward the bespoke, handmade, artistic, authentic and exclusive but in this instance tainted with a daring, illicit edge. Ibi has carefully curated a store drawing on the art and design talents of his extended community. The work on show will span a multitude of disciplines.

Lighting designer, Fiona Gall of Emerald Faerie exhibits a stunning version of a chandelier, setting the atmosphere perfectly. 

The talents of Husam El Odeh are also apparent as his unique brand of jewellery displays an innate understanding of craft and art.

No illicit celebration would be complete without a stunning lingerie collection, in this instance provided by Bordelle.

The bespoke comes in the form of Saville Row trained Tailor and TCS collaborator, Jo Baker. Her strong shoulders and attention to cut, fit and finish epitomise the direction.

Sian Hoffman is a master corsetiere, not shying away from the contemporary but certainly maintaining the temptation.

Gabriella Ingram is a contemporary designer and artist, her current evening bag collection focuses on etched nickel and copper.

House of Flora is a contemporary accessories label specialising in a multitude of products in unexpected fabrications and materials Perspex, Glass and Rubber are staples in Flora McLean’s world.

Atsuko Kudo has a unique and celebrated handwriting, pushing latex and fetish wear into the fashion arena, modern, twisted and devilishly risqué.. I

Ibi says, “Contemporary craft and art disciplines have a massive part to play in the future of fashion as we know it, they offer a much more sustainable and independent approach with a unique preservation of skill and talent. The work by nature is personal, sensual, intimate and in this case purposefully risqué. Blacked out windows, peep holes and back alleyways are the inspiration for this event. We’ll be mixing a few naughty cocktails too”.

The Convenience Store Presents:
The Perverse Art of Craft (Objects of Desire)
Shopping Exhibition
1a Hazelwood Tower
Golborne Gardens
W10 5DT
Wednesday 14th December 2011 – 6.30pm-8.30pm  

Friday, 9 December 2011

Peccavi: Editorial Collaboration between Sian Hoffman + Paulina Sury's + Irene Manicone

Ashleigh (standing) wears Wanda Panty Corset and Bra, Chain lead, Amelie (slave) wears Leather head harness, Chain collar and leather wrist cuffs- All by Sian Hoffman

Paola wears Slave Girdle by Sian Hoffman

Amelie (foreground) wears Grey & Chantilly longline girdle and Frame bra, Ashleigh wears black corset- All by Sian Hoffman

Ashleigh wears Flesh Vintage lace Skeleton Panty Corset

Corsets both by Sian Hoffman

Amelie wears Leather Structured Waspie by Sian Hoffman

Amelie wears Gold Corset by Sian Hoffman